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Our simpler, streamlined process means you’ll get up to $10,000 back to put into your home or make a stronger offer.

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Sellers love the certainty of cash. When you buy a home with Opendoor, you can use our cash to beat the competition and bypass the bidding war.

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Unlock and self-tour homes with the app blue check cross icon
Help from a team of experts blue check cross icon
On-demand property reports blue check cross icon
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How does buying with Opendoor differ from buying with a traditional agent?

Opendoor has streamlined the process to make buying any home easier and more efficient. You search for homes online and book on-demand tours for the ones you want to visit without having to wait for a specific agent to show you the home. Our team of licensed experts are only a few taps away when you need advice and info. And when you find the home you want, we'll connect you to a top-rated local partner agent to help you make your offer and negotiate on your behalf. Plus, you'll save up to 1.5% at close.

How do I make an offer on a home with Opendoor?

Congratulations! You’ve found a home you love and want to put in an offer. There are several ways to buy with Opendoor, depending on what type of home you’re buying:

If you’re buying an Opendoor-owned home

If you’re purchasing the home without an agent, you can make an offer to purchase it through the app, on the website, or via email to homes@opendoor.com. Our team will review the offer and respond right away, typically within 24-48 hours (market dependent). Once we’ve received your offer, a dedicated Opendoor representative will guide you through every step of the process.

If you’re purchasing the home with your own agent, have them submit the offer on your behalf. Please note, that due to the nature of real estate transactions, Opendoor must direct all communications regarding the sale to your agent. If you would like to receive any updates on the sale, you’ll need to contact your agent.

If you’re buying any home on the market with an Opendoor partner agent (only available in select cities)

Making an offer

So, you’ve found a home you like! The first step is to create an offer through our app or on our website

What happens next
  • We will start the process of matching you with an Opendoor partner agent, who has experience in your market, to provide you with industry-leading service.
  • Once your agent has been assigned, you and your agent will receive an email confirmation with a quick introduction. Please note, you also have the option to switch your agent at anytime.
  • Your agent will review your offer and reach out to you to answer any questions you have about the property and/or the offer process. They can also offer advice on offer price & terms.
  • Once you and your agent are satisfied with your offer, you’ll be able to sign digitally.
  • Next, your agent will submit your offer to the seller’s agent.
  • Depending on how soon the offer due date is and the number of offers the seller receives, you might not receive a decision on your offer immediately. Not to worry, your agent will remain in contact with you (to provide any updates) as well as the seller’s agent (to advocate for your offer).
What if my offer is accepted?

First of all, congrats! If your offer is accepted, your Opendoor partner agent will be in touch to let you know and discuss next steps. If you’re still interested in purchasing the property, your agent will draft the purchase agreement (based on the terms of your offer). Once both parties sign the agreement, you’ll officially be in escrow. Your agent will assist you through that process and (hopefully) to a successful close on your home.

What if my offer isn’t accepted?

While not ideal, offer rejections are an unfortunate part of the process. If your offer is rejected, your agent will let you know as soon as possible. Your agent will also gather any available feedback from the seller’s agent that could be helpful when creating future offers.

Who will help with negotiations, inspections, and closing?

Once you find a home you love, we have great options. For Opendoor homes, you’re welcome to buy directly from us or we can pair you with a local buying agent. They’re an experienced agent whose job is to have your best interests in mind and can help as much as you need. Plus, switch agents if you need. For non-Opendoor homes, we can pair you with a buying agent with local expertise who can provide as much or as little help as you need to create an offer and complete the purchase.

Can you help me buy homes that are not owned by Opendoor?

Yes! You can use our app to search for homes owned by Opendoor and homes listed on the open market. When you schedule a tour of a non-Opendoor home, an Opendoor tour assistant will meet you at the home to provide access.

When the time comes to submit an offer, we'll connect you with an Opendoor partner agent to represent you. This agent has a great track record of providing excellent customer service. They pay our brokerage a fee for the referral, and then act 100% on your behalf to provide you fully dedicated white glove support. The best part is you’ll receive up to 1% of the purchase price back at closing.

How does the 1% refund work?

Traditional agents spend most of their time searching for new clients and marketing themselves. Our platform eliminates that need and allows agents to work more efficiently, so they can refund up to 1% of their commission from the sale back to you. This refund is subject to a minimum commission of $3,000 and lender approval more details.

I also need to sell my home. Can your agents help me with that?

Yes! We’re thrilled to be able to provide customers with the option to sell directly to us and also purchase their new home at the same time (what we call a trade-in). Here’s how it works:

  1. Request a competitive instant offer on your current house. We’ll connect you with your dedicated team at Opendoor who will work with you to coordinate your sale and purchase.
  2. Once you know how much you can afford, it’s time to find the perfect home! Use our app to browse homes and visit them on your schedule. In select markets, you can tour any home for sale—even if Opendoor doesn’t own it! When you’re ready to make an offer, you can do it with as much or as little support as you want. Start an offer right from the app and work with an Experience Partner or buying agent to complete your sale.
  3. Once you’ve found your next home, you can line up your Opendoor sale close date with the date you’ll buy your new home, and skip the double-moves, double-mortgages, and storage units. Our trade-in program comes with a three-day complimentary Late Checkout to give you extra time to move your belongings into your new home.

The benefits of our trade-in program for sellers means you don’t have to worry about the hassle of listing, stressful home showings, and months of uncertainty. When it comes to buying a home with Opendoor, it means you can tour Opendoor homes on your schedule to find the perfect one, and easily make an offer with on-demand support from a top local agent when you need it. The best part is that Opendoor will help you coordinate your closing dates so you don’t have to pay two mortgages or move twice. You’ll also get a three-day complimentary Late Checkout to give you extra time to move your belongings into your new home. Plus, we can help you save thousands by trading in.

To learn more, visit www.opendoor.com/trade-in.

Can I trade-in my home if I am working with a home builder?

Yes, you can! We have the largest network of partnerships with major homebuilders, like Lennar and Toll Brothers. Trading-in your home with Opendoor allows a smooth transition into your new home.

Find more info about trading in with home builders at opendoor.com/builder.

Can I choose my Opendoor partner agent?

When you start an offer with Opendoor, you'll be paired with an available buying agent who is experienced in the markets you are searching in. As our agents are laser-focused on handling offers, we want to make sure, first and foremost, that your buying agent will have enough time and local experience to properly represent your interests.

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